Asheville Threads Spotlight: Danny Garza

Danny Garza crossed paths with the Asheville Threads crew on the set of our inaugural photoshoot prior to the store’s opening in October of 2021. We immediately saw that his approachable spirit, attention to detail, and intuitive creativity would bring a unique perspective to our growing brand.

Danny is an easy going, optimistic person who loves to “chase the sun.” He’ll take any chance he can to get outside and be in nature. He is passionate about the visual arts and is always looking for new creative outlets to express himself. 

He is a very social person and treasures other people’s perspectives. From just a single conversation you’ll see his positivity and open mindedness are contagious.

Take a second and enjoy our Q&A with Danny:

What inspires you? Curiosity has always been my inspiration. The pursuit of the unknown is packed with knowledge, discovery, and wonder. I see curiosity like space exploration. What can we learn, do, or change to get further out of our comfort zone and discover what we haven’t seen. I’m driven by that thought to learn all kinds of new things.

How do you recharge on your days off? I spend time sitting outside in the sun or exploring the parkway. Usually I’m listening to lots of music or writing. I also dedicate a day to film. I’ll usually watch 2-3 movies at the theatre back to back.

What do you like most about your work at Asheville Threads?

My favorite part is interacting with people. Genuinely making connections with others and sharing the story behind what we do is awesome. Being able to connect through the most random things is always fun.

What are some of your favorite local Asheville based businesses? Huli Sues (Amazing restaurant), Mamasita’s Taqueria (Another amazing place to eat), and Frox Underground (Handmade custom clothing store). They’re all filled with unique, down to earth people. Their passion for what they do shows in their work. 

What’s your favorite color and why? Purple. For me it’s always been a more outside the box color. It stands out from the others. I associate it with space and mountain scenery. So the color makes me think of a giant unknown world but also the calmness of nature

Where do you want to travel to next? I really want to spend some time in Spain to be surrounded by the arts, culture, and architecture. That is where my family migrated from in the 1700s. It’s a beautiful country filled with rich history. The weather is a big part of it too. Spain is just a place that has called to me for years.

What should visitors to Asheville make sure they experience? A local restaurant, The Blue Ridge Parkway, the artwork in River Arts Disctrict, an art exhibition, and live music. I believe those give you a good taste for the wide level of what’s here.

What are your favorite Threads products? My Top 3 would have to be the Curious Bear Sweatshirt, the Blue Ridge Woodcut Hoodie, and the Wildflower Long Sleeve Tees. The Wildflower design I love so much with the rhododendrons. The sleeve design on it, I just love so much. The Curious Bear one just displays the black bear perfectly. It catches it striking the perfect curious pose. You’ll see them wandering around sometimes near town. Finally, the Blue Ridge Woodcut design is my favorite. I spend so much time on the Parkway, so that scene just puts me back there every time. Really shows the mystique of the whole scenery well.

*Danny Garza is a shop clerk at Asheville Threads. Stop by and say hello!