Asheville Reflections: Rachel B. Pressley

Introducing Threads Reflections, a campaign to bring inspiration and a little ‘breathing room’ into the feed. We’ve reached out to some of the incredibly talented visual storytellers in Asheville and asked them to share their visual and verbal perspective. Take a moment and look back with us at these magical moments taken against the backdrop of mountain panoramas, cascading waterfalls, and the unbridled nature that surrounds this region. This is Asheville Reflections.

In our second installment, we explore the story of Rachel B. Pressley who first started shooting photography as a young teen who enjoyed traveling and camping with her parents. She fell in love with landscape photography in college where she spent much of her time hiking and shooting in college while living in Boone, NC. She currently shoots weddings, editorial content for publications, and partners with well-known outdoor brands, bringing a unique sensibility with inspiring imagery to urge us all to get outdoors and experience the stunning landscapes within the Asheville region. 

Follow along with us as we explore Rachel's connection to Asheville and recommendations for making the most out of your experience:

What was your first Asheville experience?

I grew up coming to Asheville because I have so much family that has always lived here. One of my early memories is going to Craggy Gardens along the Blue Ridge Parkway and picnicking with my family every fall.


What do you remember most from your time spent in Asheville?

Most of my memories here are spending time on the hundreds of trails that I have had the privilege of hiking since moving to the mountains. Chasing sunrises and sunsets is one of my favorite pass times.

What do you most enjoy about photographing Asheville and the surrounding area?

I enjoy aiming to capture the seasons changing and showcase the biodiverse landscapes in the region.

What do you wish first time visitors would take away from the Asheville experience?

Visitors should take time to explore the city for the local vendors, restaurants and artists to learn about the craft city and its' local businesses. Beyond the city, I hope that visitors get to experience a vibrant sunset hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the beauty in the mountains.

What do you think is Asheville’s best kept secret?

Hidden natural gems like backcountry campsites, waterfalls tucked deep in the woods and the lesser known trails that lead to incredible views are some of the best kept secrets here. The close-knit community of business owners and artists are what makes the city such a fun place to live. I feel very proud to be a part of the art scene here.

Stay up-to-date on Rachel's journey as she takes us into her wondrous world: