Asheville Reflections: Darrell Cassell

Introducing Threads Reflections, a campaign to bring inspiration and a little ‘breathing room’ into the feed. We’ve reached out to some of the incredibly talented visual storytellers in Asheville and asked them to share their visual and verbal perspective. Take a moment and look back with us at these magical moments taken against the backdrop of mountain panoramas, cascading waterfalls, and the unbridled nature that surrounds this region. This is Asheville Reflections.

Darrell Cassell is an Asheville-based wedding photographer that’s super passionate about this earth and the humans that reside within it. His love for photography, natural, and people is what brought him here to the Asheville region. Originally a self-taught hobbyist landscape photographer, he’s been behind the camera for around ten years collaborating with brands such as Toyota USA, All Trails, and Airbnb. You’ll even see some of his work among local hot spots and organizations such as Chemist Spirits, ENO Hammocks, and The Buncombe County Tourism Board.  

Follow along with us as we explore Darrell’s connection to Asheville and recommendations for making the most out of your experience: 

How did you first get into photography? 

I can remember buying my first iPhone, the iPhone 3G when I was 18 or 19 years old. Around that time, I was visiting my grandparents in rural Georgia, and took a ton of photos with the camera. I remember being so impressed with the quality of photos that came out of such a small phone. As I kept taking photos, it became addicting. Posting on Instagram any chance I got with photos taken with my new camera phone. Eventually, people would ask, ‘Wow, nice shot! What camera are you using?’ I think that really made me realize that maybe I took good photos. Or good enough that people at least enjoyed looking at them. Over the next few years I’d dive deeper into learning my camera settings, composition and editing, eventually buying my first camera, the Canon Rebel t3i. The rest is history. 

What was your first Asheville experience?

My girlfriend (now wife) and I made a trip to Asheville to check out some of the fall colors in 2016. We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway, ate and drank at Sierra Nevada Brewery, and went on a few hikes in DuPont National Forest. One thing that stood out besides the beauty was how friendly the people were. It didn’t take much to realize that Asheville was a place we could live. We loaded up a U-Haul two months later and made our way to Asheville, NC.


What do you remember most from your time spent in Asheville?

I love the sense of community here. Whether that be art, food, or the outdoors, people are constantly looking to collaborate to make Asheville a better place for all.

What do you most enjoy about photographing Asheville and the surrounding area?

I love the diverse landscape. It is second to no other place in the east. Whatever I’m in the mood to photograph, Asheville has it. 

What do you wish first time visitors would take away from the Asheville experience?

That Asheville is only as strong as its people. If you enjoyed yourself here, it’s because hundreds of locals made it enjoyable for you. From hospitality workers to the Forest Service, we all pride ourselves on living here and keeping it an awesome place to live and visit for years to come. 

What do you think is Asheville’s best kept secret?

Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, now would it?

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